Services & products

Our service is the production and laying of steel reinforcement for total construction contracts using tried and tested structural element systems and reinforcement cages for slotted walls and piles.

We are a service provider, a partner of construction companies and a dynamic market companion operating within clearly defined economic limits.

Total construction contracts

Reinforcement cut, bent, delivered and layed or cut, bent, welded and delivered ready for laying.

Fully adapted to customer needs

Competent combination of our wide range of resources enables optimal complyance with your requirements.


More than 50 years of experience make BEST services to be renown for their relyance and constistency within the industry.

Reliable team & control systems
Professional support from processing the reinforcement drawing to layed and accepted reinforcement with a reliable team and adept control systems enable smooth processes on the construction site and expert project management.
Cost savings

Our professional and proven services reduce costs through adherence to schedules and quality according to plan and compliannt with standards.

BEST price instead of cheapest price

Slotted wall cages

BEST slotted wall cages for piles and slotted walls have a high stability due to tack welding. The production in the factory allows a weather-independent delivery of the finished cages to the construction site. Stackable cages can be stored in a space-saving manner and thus leave enough room for turning circles of heavy construction machinery.Additional parts such as anchor heads or recess bodies can be installed upfront at the factory. All this adds up to significantly higher productivity on the construction site.

Pile cages

Pile cages between 5 and 18 metres long with a diameter between 40 and 132 centimetres can be welded by machine.

Using polygonal stirrups, cage diameters between 26 and 48 centimetres can be welded onto templates in lengths between 1.5 to 18 metres. Using polygonal stirrups, cage diameters between 26 and 48 centimetres can be welded onto templates in lengths between 1.5 to 18 metres. Longitudinal irons up to calibre 40 and helical or polygonal stirrups between calibre 8 and 16 millimetres are processed.

Efficiently installable elements

Efficiently installable elements reduce the average laying time to a third.

Efficiently installable elements

implement the reinforcement drawings precisely.

Efficiently installable elements

are transported in a space-saving manner and guarantee true-to-plan reinforcement.

Efficiently installable elements

remain easily stackable despite their three-dimensional nature.

Efficiently installable elements

make you independent of unpredictable weather conditions and reduce the number of personnel necessary on the construction site.

Efficiently installable elements

reduce overall costs.

More economical laying performance due to the use of elements

Smooth process

Less laying effort

Time saving

Perfect support for concrete core activation

Reliable trades of the highest quality.

Firm connections due to tack welds

Processing according to plan

Implementation in accordance with standards

Versatile applicability

Type range for shuttering elements

ave time and costs due to a versatile reinforcement system.


Joint tapes are fixed precisely.

Short assembly times

Integrated expanded metal panels eliminate the need for time-consuming formwork.

Clean concrete bond due to rough surface

Special designs and sizes possible

Type range for self-assembly

The BEST system for self-assembly - 25 years of experience with reinforcement elements feed into our solutions. The individual element types guarantee the shortest installation time and fulfil the technical guidelines of ÖNORM B4700.


Short assembly times

Dimensionally stable, exactly to measure

Mostly stackable design and therefore efficient use of transport capacity


Our own laying team

The BEST Group lays with well-trained and experienced in-house personnel. Eisenflechter GmbH, an associated company of the BEST Group, is well known throughout the industry and associated with the highest quality and reliability when it comes to laying in the context of demanding construction projects.

With the well-rehearsed Eisenflechter team every move is right. Combined with our ready-to-lay elements, your project will be implemented reliably and quickly.

Delivery orders

On-schedule delivery of loose reinforcing steel that can be laid problem-free, in accordance with plans and standards.

Experienced technicians check the plans and give feedback on economic efficiency and technical improvement possibilities.

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